Weimaraner Breed Critique


Tay Valley Gundog Association
27th April 2019
Judge Leanne Challands (Annilann)

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge here, such a lovely well run show, I was well looked after all day, had some beautiful exhibits so thank you all for your entries.

Junior (2,1)
1st Duffy, Almoors Lady Gaga. Sweet, moderately long head of good proportions, medium round eyes with kind intelligent expression, clean cut moderate neck, forelegs straight, good body to height ratio, level top line with a slightly sloping croup and correct tail set, ribs reaching back to a strong firm loin, adequate turn to stifle and hocks well let down, moved well.

Post Graduate (3,3)

Open (5,3)
1st McAngus, Howarth & Haseley. Gunalt Articulate at Greyfurs. Aristocratic, pretty bitch with a moderately long head of equal measurements, moderate stop and prominent occipital bone, eyes nice an round with a kind expression, clean cut neck, sufficiently long into well set shoulders, top line level, chest well developed, ribs well sprung and reaching back to a short firm loin, croup slightly sloping, tail set well, adequate turn to stifle with well let down hocks, well muscled throughout, shown in excellent condition, effortless ground covering movement keeping that strong level top line.
2nd White & Scougall. Silverkelvin Cassiopeia. Pretty head of equal measurements, round eye with kind expression, well developed chest, ribs well sprung and reaching well back to a strong loin, moderate bend to stifle with well muscled quarters, moved well.

North West Canine Association ~ Open Show 7/5/18
German Wirehaired Pointer
1 Donnelly’s Kimmax Knock Yourself Out. Best Puppy. Typical and well balanced, good head proportions with kind expression, clean lip line. Good forehand with decent bone and well padded feet. Ribbed well back. Very pleasing on the move.
Post Graduate
1 Donnelly’s Beechillawn Oooh Betty. Feminine with a lovely temperament. Pleasing head with good breadth of skull, strong jaws. Decent neck and shoulders. Good body with sufficient depth of chest. Moved soundly.
1 McCullough’s Kimmax Miss Kongeniality. BOB. Very pleasing to handle as she is well made with a good head, clear oval eye, strong jaws. Kindly expression. Good forehand with strong, nicely arched neck and well laid shoulders. Deep well ribbed body with strong short loin. Good quarters and shown in excellent muscle tone. Impressed on the move. I was pleased to hear that both she and her kennel mate caught the eye of the BIS judge later in the day. Well done.
2 McCullough’s Sh Ch Kimmax Kurious George. Strong and workmanlike and like his sister shown in excellent muscle tone. Good eye, alert expression, excellent neck and shoulders, well ribbed. Moved soundly with an easy fluid action.
3 Cooke’s Tynsil Tennyson
German Shorthaired Pointer
1 Cooke & Barker’s Radstorm Legal Eagle. Best Puppy. An attractive youngster, well made with a good forehand. Well boned with good legs and compact, well-padded feet. Good rib and body for age. Sound and typical on the move.
1 Stopforth’s Taftazine Cesar Chance. BOB. A really smart 13 months old youngster. Beautifully balanced, masculine head with kind expression. Short backed with strong, well muscled loin. Compact feet. Really well muscled quarters and this was reflected in his forceful, easy action.
1 Harris’ Sh Ch Barleyarch Playtime JW. Typey and well balanced with a lovely head nd expression, large open nostrils, kind expression. Good, slightly arced neck, well laid shoulders. Well ribbed back. Good quarters. Moved soundly but not quite the enthusiasm of the young dog.
1 Smith’s Sniperay Lord Lambourne Via Tzaziki. Best Puppy. Still rather raw but with lots to commend him. Masculine and handsome, good head properties, nicely arched neck which could be a little cleaner for perfection, good forehand with oval bone and feet. Good depth of chest and ribs extend well back. Once settled moved out well with some drive from the rear.
2 Pimblett’s Bestina Butterfly at Hilldon. Less finished than the winner although very slightly older. Attractive head with kind expression, large open nostrils. Good neck and shoulders, shapely and her profile action was pleasing.
1 MacManus’ Luneville Divas Diamond. Lovely typical head and expression, clean neck and shoulders with good depth of brisket. Good straight forelegs with oval bone and decent feet. Moved out well.
2 MacManus’ Luneville Solitaire. Elegant and lithesome with a good head, kind eye, good length of neck. Could be a little stronger in pastern. Good body and rib, decent hindquarters with good angulation.
1 Macmanus’s Luneville Strawberry Moon. BOB. Very typey and beautifully balanced. Feminine head and expression with kind eye and slight dish. Excellent forehand with good bone and nicely padded feet. Moved out really well with typical tail action.
1 Hill’s Weipower Winnie Winchester. BOB. Powerfully made yet feminine and most impressive on the move with a really good easy stride. Very typical head and expression, good forehand with depth of brisket, good ribbing and strong loin.
Post Graduate
1 Weipower Winnie Winchester. BOB.
2 Reilly, Rayner & Maskell’s Smilek Eyes of Silver. She too is a lovely bitch of very good type and balance. Well proportioned head of good length, kind eye, good shoulders. Well bodied with good topline and tailset set. Moved out well.
1 Reilly, Rayner & Maskell’s Gunalt Astute at Smilek. A mature, well made btich, pleasing head and expression, clean moderate neck and good shoulders. Good depth of chest, good length of rib. Moved soundly but in the challenge, I felt that the younger bitch coped better with the head and had a little more power on the move.
2 Stamp’s Gunalt Two To Tango with Tynsil. A quality bitch I have admired in the past, unfortunately her owner had an accident in the ring and this somewhat unsettled her – a pity as she is a lovely type and I know just how well she can move.
Import Register
Post Graduate
1 Giles’Cuidado Xtra Xplorer at Kanetia (Imp). A smart dog with a lovely square outline and moderately fine boned. Good head with lively expression, well pigmented mouth and correct bite. Large, mobile ears. Moved out well with a light short stride. Shows to good advantage.
Judge: Tom Mather

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