Spaniel (Welsh Springer) Breed Critique

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)
Royal Cheshire County Show
JUNIOR 1st Perkins Brent Love Me Do balanced head, dark eye, clean neck leading to well laid shoulders and good top line which was kept when standing and on the move. 2nd BP Yacoub Laithmoors Alinka
POST GRADUATE 1st Thomas Glenbrows Fire Srarter 2 different types to judge both with attributes.
OPEN 1st BOB Phillipsons SH CH Menstonia Marksman SHcM stood alone but well worthy of his placings good balanced head with dark eye, clean neck and shoulders, deep chest and well sprung ribs, nice turn of stifle, moved with style and purpose.

Crufts 2018
Welsh Springer Spaniels

I had a wonderful time judging my loved breed, I did my best with the time I had and the numbers I had. I was very tired at the end but very happy with my winners. Please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get placed you always take the best dog home and it’s only one opinion on the day.
As for the overall view of the breed the one thing I had noticed was the size of ears. When I first came into the breed the ears were the size of dinner plates and most of them now are the right size and vine shaped, so important when judging a dog fit for function. Temperament still needs addressing as some dogs went away cardless because there tails were clamped down. On the whole exhibitors had trimmed and prepared their dogs beautifully thank you. Most fronts were good with only a few flapping there legs coming towards me. Tails were reasonably with the males slightly higher than females which I hadn’t got a problem with. I decided to not touch and look at teeth myself so I didn’t pass any illness to other dogs. There were a few teeth missing but nearly all bites were correct. Teeth missing is not a problem as if the bite is correct then breeding on from the dog would result in full dentition in there puppies.
So onto my first class a wonderful veteran dog class. 13 entered with 2 absent.
All 5 were super, my winner was ShCh Glenbrows Band of Brothers forBenoveor . I gave this male a CC just 18 months ago and he still looked fab in gleaming coat and condition. Full of type with plenty of substance. Head ok with good ears dark eye and correct pigmentation. Correct height to leg length and super full ribs. Plenty of bum moderate stifle enough leg bone and tight feet. Moved very well by owner which won him best veteran at the end.
2nd, ShCh Gemill Back to the Futcher for Cerysan JW. Another one of my favourites. Slightly smaller than one but with better shoulders. Lovely head masculine enough with a dark eye and a squarish muzzel. Not the rib of one or the body but with plenty of depth of brisket and strong quarters. Moved very well with the best of tail set.
3rd, Break the rules at Pegasett. The rest in the class all put on a good performance and truly pushed the first two very hard.

No minor Pups and I feel it is a waste of a class as there are never going to be many if any in this class at Crufts. As a judge i feel if a puppy is good enough in the puppy class it doesn’t matter how old they are.

Puppy. My winner in this class won it by miles. Superb frame when seen in profile everything in the right place. Lovely masculine head with the darkest of eye. Great neck running down to some of the best shoulders I felt all day. Enough body and substance for one so young. Plenty bend of stifle and low hocks. Of course he is a puppy and the occasion was getting to him a bit not that he was afraid more that he was loving it and showed it in his tail carriage. Sarabande Lord of the Dance AI.
2nd Vannelmead Gelert, a very immature boy all legs and wings but had a sweet head and expression. Of course needs to mature throughout but was quite stable on the move.
3rd Ambelight Cassiopeia the last two were very different indeed. In fact the 4th one would have been much closer to the front if he had have been merry and active.

Junior. Again a mixed bunch in this class, my winner had to be spot on to win and at one point later on I considered him for the RCC. I love his head with a quizzical expression wonderful dark eyes correct squarish muzzle. Long neck leading into a good lay of shoulders. Compact body with great depth of chest. Excellent strong bone and very well muscles. Moved like the wind and has the best of fronts. I think the occasion got to him as he tended to spoil his topline on the stand but he is young and has plenty of time. A one for the future I think.
Tammano Stoorworm.
2nd Glenbrows Royal Dragon
3rd Glenbrows Van Gogh for Benoveor.
The two above came from the same kennel and I could see a lot of similarities of course. The dog that came second had a better turn of stifle and moved with better drive. Nicely headed dog but lots of maturing to do.

Yearling. Oh my goodness I loved the first three and could have taken them all home. My winner Easy Victory Adea what a cracking boy, looking in profile at him he was as close to the standard as I could find, compact, balanced with all the essentials I was looking for and put me in mind of a bitch I had years ago Energizer. Correct head with dark eyes and plenty of expression. Strong neck and well layed shoulders. Squarish body with deep brisket and plenty of lung room. Powerful quarters good bone a little flat in feet but stormed around the ring. Very spanely. So why did I not give him top honours well I think he needs time and possibly I was looking for something that had panache because it is Crufts after all.
2nd Don’s Superman NOJV-17 Another lovely boy very balanced correct body height to leg length. Wonderful soft expression and dark eyes. Skull width to muzzle was spot on, I would love to see him again when more mature. Good front and correct movement coming and going.
3rd Cwmbeili Gwilym shame the two foreign dogs had turned up as I like this male too not my type but had tons of breed type with an old fashioned twist.

Post Grad. Again a class full of different types and quality. Bowdonia Ozzie a male I have seen in the ring at many shows and he has been a slow maturer. A very handsome male with the best of expression, dark and correct eyes. Lovely head shape which reminded me of his father who was take far to early. Long neck into good lay of shoulders, slightly longer cast than some, which I like. Plenty of heart room and strong quarters. He was standing on lovely bone which was not to heavy. There has been a few dogs lately with heavy cumbersome bone. Lovely feet and what capped it all was he moved better than I have ever seen him. When I was deciding my winners I had no problem in giving him RCC.
2nd Golddigger from my kind of magic NJK 16 JW16. A smaller more compacted male here but lots to like from this well known little kennel. Lovely head neck and shoulder. Not the body of the first but again like the first went beautifully around the big green carpet.
3rd Hudolus Rhys Henley’s at Typica, this boy was quite different to the previous slightly taller in leg and hasn’t finished maturing yet so payed the price today. Never the less I will keep an eye on him for the future.

Mid limit. Again a mixed bag in this class. My winner wasn’t even placed the last time I judged but he has come on and this was a another day. Lovely headed male with a naughty look in his eye. Ok neck and shoulders but a great body with plenty of heart room. Quite compact with good depth of rib. Best of quarters and moved well. If he carries on the way he is going I am sure other judges will give him top honours. Bowdonia only the brave for Cerysan.
2nd, Ferndel Buttermint at Ravensworth. Never judged this male before and from the ring side wasn’t keen but he was lovely to go over everything in the right place. The only thing is I found him a little to heavy all though with just to much bone never the less I was judging him on the day and I was pleasantly surprised.
3rd Tobermyn Minstrel Boy.

Limit. 1st Ferndel High Fidelity with Tigerrock. I was looking forward to going over this young dog as he had been in the winning circle a few times in the last year. The second pushed very very hard and I found it hard to split them even though they are quite different. Maybe on another day it would be different. The winner was compact with a super head and dark eye. Not as good in shoulder as the second but had better quarters, enough bone and lovely feet. His movement was better and lighter on his feet where the second dog tended to lift his legs to high in the front.
2nd Kamunting Cast away to Benoveor JW.
3rd Quensha you’ve got a friend at Arkview.

Open 18 (1ab.) Well what a cracking class this was all shapes and sizes. My winner came out of the blue never seen him before. My number two another super dog and didn’t disappoint to go over, my third a beautiful male with the best of heads. My winner SE U(U)CH/DK CH(U) Pelydryns Gladiator WW-17
The breeders of this dog are a family affair with all showing, they took over the Pelydryns Kennel name from Kicki Janzon who was a well known breeder in Sweden. Since then the Kennel has gone from strength to strength. This winning dog didn’t put a foot wrong today. Excellent head with long neck into correct shoulders. Compact body with great depth of chest his forhand was the best all day. Plenty of heart room and short coupled in loin. Great rounded bum with strong quarters. His leg bone was in total balance with his body and his feet were the best in the whole of my entry. He was very spaniely and put me in mind of my own B team. His tail was a touch high but he is a male and I think was showing off. Moved true going and coming CC.

2nd, ShCh Taimere’s Twister round Nyliram JW SHCM. A very successful male in the U.K. and I know why, lovely to go over good head with a dark eye, correct neck and shoulders. Wasn’t as compact as the winner also not as deep in chest but I was knit picking. Strong quarters with a good bum. Excellent bone and feet. Went ok just a tad bit flat today. Never the less a lovely dog in profile.
3rd, ShCh Glenbrows Picture Me This JW. Another lovely dog, compact male pleasing head with lovely dark eyes which I like. Enough body properties
deep chest and correct length if loin. He tends to drop away on his hind quarter but has the best bend of stifle of all three. Wasn’t in full feather but moved well.

Special working. 4 (0)
I am sorry but I don’t even know what all those titles are?. Unplaced in his earlier class I gave him first here as this is a working class and he is very spaniely. Lovely head but he has far to much coat which made him undalanced and seem to give him little legs. Moved ok but I really feel the owner needs to clear out his coat because in the UK he would be stuck in the brambles, shame.
2nd Fiergen City Limits, another lovely headed male, his neck looked short because he is not so good in shoulders. Plenty of body with good ribs ok quarters but didn’t move well.
3rd Fr Ch Imoko D’ann Cambrian, beautifully presented male who’s owner obviously love him to bits. Good head and body enough bone for size. Moved quite well.
All these dog are what our breed is bred for so for that fact I congratulate them all.

Good Citizens 13 (3) 1st ShCh Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW ShCm, I have judged this male before and today he was at his best so much so I nearly give him the RCC. Quite a tall compact male but his owner had pulled out all the stops to trim to advantage. Lovely soft kind head ears a tad big good neck and shoulders. Good body property’s with lovely deep chest. Short coupled loin and rounded bum. I would like a better bend of stifle but his movement makes up for it. Tailset correct.
2nd Hudolus Rhys Henley’s at Typica, this male put me in mind of this owners first good dog. Even more compact than my winner but had got more relaxed in this class than earlier. Ok head super long neck and well layer shoulders. Good in body with correct rear end. Not the depth of chest of winner and still quite immature. He has plenty of time.
3rd NL/BE Ch Isfryn on the spot. Another very nice fellow with plenty to like. Lovely head, body and movement super thick padded feet.

Veteran, 14 (4) IntCh Don’s Darling Deluxe. Another super class and I love the oldies. My first three were outstanding and a credit to the breed both here and abroad. It was a tough challenge it was for the whole class and for me to pick 5 top class girls out. My eventual winner was an upstanding powerful bitch who put me in mind of one of the handlers foundation bitches. Lovely kind head with correct eye shape and colour. Strong neck into well layer shoulders, good body properties and plenty of heart room and her ribs. Correct bone for her size and lovely feet. Excellent quarters with enough bend of stifle. When stood she looked a bit awkward but on the move she come into her own she just flew around the green carpet and she stole the class. 2nd ShCh Bowdowdonia Sweet Dreams JW, another really lovey bitch who I have given a CC to before and today she didn’t disappoint. Another strong active female who is a picture in profile and has the movement to match. She is a little to strong in head but hey the rest of her is soooo good and correct.
3rd ShCh Gellyburn Damselfly JW ShCm a really favourite of mine I just love her but at twelve she is really showing her age. Never the less still scooted around the ring and it was a shame the two in front of her were on such top form.

Puppy. 5 (0)
Sarabande Dance to the Rhythm. Like the write up on all puppies I want to say will be better when mature and this youngster is no different she needs lots of time. Sweet head with the darkest of eye and melting expression.
Correct outline and needs to just grow up now. Moved really well for one so young.
2nd Vennelmead Freya. Pushed the winner hard but what ever they put on the coat made it extremely greasy and it was only that that was the difference between the pups. Another lovely head neck and shoulders, very immature in body, good legs and feet good quarters and correct tail set. Another one for the future I think?
3rd Taihang Scherezade at Teaselwood.

Junior. A lot of nice young bitches for me to judge in this class. My winner Ferndel cover story about Nyliram I have seen since she was a baby and from the ring side I was never much struck on her but this is when ring side judging is not a good thing because to go over her I was very surprised. Nice head with lovely well structured eye. Excellent neck and shoulders, plenty of body with a very good topline ending with a slight rise over the loin. Enough heart room and good bone and feet. For me I would like a bit more leg to height never the less she was handled to perfection as always which allowed me to give her first in this class.
2nd Bushwacker French Twist with Walgoreg. A bitch with a bright future and very different to no 1. Super head just my cup of tea with the darkest of eye, good neck running into sloping shoulders. Not the rib and a longer cast than my winner. Quite strong quarters with the bend of stifle I like to see on a Spaniel. Moved well BUT this handler needs to learn to get the best out of this lovely bitch and if she does she might bother the best.
3rd Hinxwood Fire and Ice. Another sweet bitch which in profile is very attractive. Lots to like in her lovely head ok neck and good shoulders. Plenty of depth of chest and strong quarters. For me she failed in her front movement as she was a bit wide in front. Never the less I am sure she has a bright future.

Yearling. 8 (0)
1st Julia Rumours at Trosley. Another bitch I have seen growing up and what a little cracker. Ok head with a good size eye. Lovely feminine neck into good shoulders. Correct body properties with correct amount of rib. Topline from her neck to tail flowed and her quarters were lovely with short hocks. Enough bone and the best of feet. She wagged her tail the whole time and had it set on right when moving. Good front but a bit close behind but it didn’t matter by then, another one to watch for the future RCC.
2nd Llon Blodyn Ymenyn, what sort of name is that! Anyway I really liked her and a completely different type to what I normally go for but if I was blind folded she would be a dream to go over then my type would be out of the window. Lovely make and shape the best of shoulders and plenty of body and ribs. Not as firm a topline as one and to much rise over the loin which seems to make her have to much bum. Lovely strong quarters with low hocks. Good leg bone and ok feet. Moved particularly well which helped to put her in second place.
3rd, Pamicks Field of Dreams JW. Another fav of mine, I like her a lot but I had to judge on the day and she was a little wide in front. Lovely type of bitch and I know she will do very well in the future. Sweet head and expression correct neck and shoulders, had a body similar to my winner with correct bone and feet. Just felt she wasn’t giving her all today but she will be a top winner when she is older.

Post grad. 17 (2)
This was a strange class with bitches all in different stages of maturity and coat. My winner was the most balanced one of the lot. 1st Saraband Eternity at Slapestones (AI) JW Best of heads just up me street dark eye melting expression slightly square muzzle. Long neck and lovely lay of shoulders. Good body not quite the depth of chest of no 2 but good rib and for me the correct length of loin. Well made quarters and low hocks. She moved very well, light on her feet another close to the RCC.
2nd Tammano Knights Pearl at Eiriandylis a very neat bitch who has matured a lot since the last time I saw her. A very sweet head with an expressive dark eye. Correct neck and shoulders, good body and strong fit quarters. Enough bone and lovely tight feet. Moved out around the ring the best I have seen. Her problem today was she was feeling the pressure and couldn’t relax and tended to roach her top line in profile shame.
3rd Typica Seren Aur.

Mid Limit. 7 (1)
1st Ypagneul Coco at Bichere. I have just realised the last time I judged I gave this bitch a second and here I am giving her first. Today shown by some one completely different and did a good job. A very type bitch from all angles. Sweet head with a dark and the smallest of ears, good neck and shoulders first class topline with the correct rise over the loin.
Excellent forechest compact body and strong second thigh. Low hocks and the best of tail set moved well for her handler and again I had to think carefully weather I would give her the RCC.
2nd Benoveor Field of Dreams to Kurzeja. Similar in making shape to one. Head ok but ears to big for her head. Not the neck and shoulders of the winner but plenty of depth on her body and very good area of heart room. Correct length of body but the standard requires a slight rise over the loin this bitch had to much which made her look like she was going down hill to her withers. I could do with a tad more bone and better feet. In saying all that she still moved well and deserved her second place.
3rd Tammano Crawhall at Edincraw. A smaller type here but lovely and compact. Excellent body and enough bone for size. A lovely head but for me her eyes were to light. Her handler could have got more out of her on the move but over all a nice Welsh.

Limit. 12 (0)
All 5 in this class were outstanding and all could have had a first from me at another show but today it was my winners day and she stood out head and shoulders above any other female in my opinion. Crufts is not like any other show it is when the breed comes together from all over the world, it was like a Welsh fest. Never the less it was a UK bred Welsh that topped the lot. 1st Bushwacker something about Mary, Beautifully headed bitch with a lovely eye plenty of chiselling under her eyes slightly square muscle and small ears. Excellent long neck fitting into correct lay of shoulders. She had a good forechest which some do not have at all and some breeders seem not to think it’s important. A great body with the appropriate length that I like. Plenty of room for puppies if required. Good depth of chest and elbow neatly placed close to the rib. Very strong quarters that she used to drive around the ring. Although her tail runs correctly off her back she held it a little sideways but by then she had taken my heart.
I was very pleased to award her the bitch CC and BOB, she looked a picture in the group and didn’t let the breed down in anyway. I wish her luck in getting her third CC.
2nd Bowdonia Anastasia. This bitch I have given a CC to the last time I judged but today I found her a bit heavy. In profile she is stunning, good head, neck and shoulders plenty of heart room and well coupled up. Powerful quarters and so well muscled I could tell this bitch was correctly exercised. She moved well around the ring.
3rd Bonvis Fern. I feel this breeder has been over looked in the passed on more than one occasion and has bred some lovely Welsh.
This bitch is a lovely type great head neck and shoulders. Mature body and well balanced all through. Super bone and feet. Strong quarters and had a great ground covering action. Pity she met two inform bitches today.

Open 10(6)
Another class full of wonderful bitches. My winner had to work hard to get her place. 1st Glenbrows Memoir, this bitch has a gorgeous head the best all day, dark eye excellent pigmentation. Ears a bit large. Long neck into correct shoulders, another good forchest here, plenty of heart room and well coupled up. Because she had a proper forchest she had correct depth in her chest, good topline with the required slight rise over the loin. I would like more bum on this bitch as she slightly fell away over her rear which cost her. Excellent bright enthusiastic mover she was a joy to watch going around the ring and for that she had to win the class.
2nd NouCH/SEU(U)CH Sallebacks una torts per Don’s. I didn’t know this bitch at all but she took my eye when she came into the ring. Beautifully put together and I can see why she has all those awards. Lovely head with dark eye, a really strong neck and a touch upright in shoulders which gives her a little dip in her top line. Excellent bone which I would expect from this Kennel, good forchest, plenty of body and heart room. She was very fit which showed in the muscles of her quarters. Good stifle and moved very well I love the way the handler was as enthusiastic as her dog when running around the green carpet, both enjoying there day.
3rd ShCh Bowdonia Seraphina JW ShCM. Another beautiful bitch and so well made. Sweet head with the darkest of eye, balanced body and a lovely shape in profile. Moved ok did tend to pitter patter around the ring today and her coat wasn’t as right as it should be, to tight, but beautifully prepared for the ring.

Field Trial 1(0).
Bushwacker Hotspot of Mymmsbrook. To be in this class she would have had to be placed in a field trial. Her owner should be pleased she was there. Being in this class at Crufts showing off the fact she is truly fit for function was brilliant. As a show dog she also has a lot to offer. I love her body property, neck, shoulders, quarters, bone and feet. I think if she had a better head she could trouble the best..

Special working. 1(0)
1st Akita Z Jircanskych Aleji Although not placed in her class I do like this bitch. Again like the field trial winner she was the only one qualified to be in this class. Head ok a little snippy for me, ok neck and shoulders. Plenty of forchest and heart room. A little long in the loin but strong quarters moved very well but her owner as a little overwhelmed with the occasion but was good fun.

Good Citizen
1st Tammano Knights Pearl at Eiriandylis second in Post grad
2nd Benoveor Field of Dreams to Kurzeja second in Mid Limit
3rd Tammano Crawhall at Edincraw third in Mid Limit.

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