Spaniel (Field) Breed Critique

Spaniel (Field)

Spaniel (Field)
Royal Cheshire County Show : June 20th 2018
JUNIOR 1st RBOB Mcvittys Sonnetend Faith good head shape with sweet expression, clean lines, good front and rear assembly, moved soundly. 2nd Wheeler Sonnentend Careless Whisper.
POST GRADUATE 1st and BOB Moores Elegert China Girl for Gadhelic just the edge on maturity neat compact, plenty of bone, neat feet, good top line and turn of stifle, moved well, close decisions between 1st and 2nd place.
OPEN 1st Smiths Ewtor Affinity for Flyenpyg JW SHcM good head and eye, correct ear placement, clean neck and well placed shoulders, well bodied, moved ok. 2nd Wheelers Tayowen Touch of Elixir 3rd Taylors SH CH Tayowen Touch of Elegance.
Joyce Whiting

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