Pointer Breed Critique


Tay Valley Gundog Association
27th April 2019
Judge Leanne Challands (Annilann)

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge here, such a lovely well run show, I was well looked after all day, had some beautiful exhibits so thank you all for your entries.

Graduate (5,1)
1st Gorrian & Henry, Penwest Peroni. Nice symmetrical well built dog with strong bone all over, skull of medium breadth, well proportioned with a well defined stop, long muscular neck into well laid shoulders, clean in throat, ribs well sprung reaching back to a strong muscular loin, well turned stifles with well let down hocks, smooth ground covering movement with plenty drive from rear.
2nd Gerrard, Carmandine Count on Me. Well built dog, strong in bone with pleasing head, muscular neck into well laid shoulders, ribs reaching back to strong muscular loin, just preferred driving movement on 1.
3rd Findlay, Charmelia Lagertha.

Open (4,1)
1st Mackay, Fleurfields Steals the Dream ShCM. Well constructed symmetrical dog with plenty bone and well muscled throughout, skull medium in breadth, in proportion to fore face, pronounced occiput and well defined stop, eyes in symmetry with head, kind expression and of good colour, neck long and muscular flowing into well laid shoulders, chest adequately wide, fore legs straight and firm, ribs well sprung reaching back to a strong muscular loin, pleasing bend to stifle with hocks well let down, smooth ground covering movement with plenty drive from rear, BOB and a well deserved BIS3.
2nd Gerrard, Hookwood Showpiece at Carmandine. Pleasing head of correct proportions, strong muscular neck into well laid shoulders, front quarters straight and firm, ribs reaching back to strong loin, rear quarters well muscled, moved well.
3rd Gerrard, Carmandine Call My Bluff.

28 JULY 2018-08-02
Puppy Dog (2-0) 1st Mason Nosam Never say Never Again at Kiswahili nice head with dark eye, ears set well and of nice length, deep chest, good shoulder placement, moved well. 2nd Smiths Sniperay Lord Lambourne via Tzaziki not as settled as winner strong head and heavier althrough, making his handler work hard.
Junior Dog (7-1) 1st Gordon Hawkfield Audacity correct head shape, dark eye and nose pigmentation, good front and rear angulation, did not like wet conditions when moving. 2nd Philo Fydal Caprio at Salmonist nice head, clean neck, good outline, firm top line leading to correct set tail, moved ok. 3rd Smiths Sniperay Lord Lambourne via Tzaziki
Yearling Dog (9-0) 1st Blackburn-Bennett Kanix obi at Stargang well schooled nice head and shoulders, good front, well bodied, moved in unison with his handler 2nd Cooper & Pearson Keeperfield Chevalier nice shaped head, dark eye, ears well set, good body shape, just moving a little wide behind but the weather was not helping. 3rd Booth Lundgarth Teal
Limit Dog (6-0) 1st RCC Rayner Spinks & Pringle Freebreeze Over the Top at Spinray coming along nicely nothing overdone, pleasing head with dark eye and good stop, correct ear set and carriage, moved with drive and purpose. 2nd Macara Jamieson & Blackburn-Bennett Kanix Legend at Cromasaig another with good attributes, good top line and tail set carried correctly standing and on the move, smart looking dog 3rd Tannahill Wynbury Walter Jack jw
Open (5-0) 1st BOB O’Neill & O’Neill ShCh Chesterhope Thrill of the Chase (imp) moved beautifully & settled commanding the ring with his presents, pleasing head with soft expression, dark eye, correct oval bone and neat feet, deep brisket, nice top line standing and on the move, handler getting the best out of him. 2nd Radcliffe Sniperay Verandi pleasing head with enough work, dark eye, correct ear set, muscular neck fitting into well laid shoulders, moved soundly. 3rd Marsh Ratchda Rock Thrush.
Veteran Dog (2-0) 1st Bell Crookrise the Medlar at Owlspoint jw shcm good out line holding correct top line, nice head and eye, good shape overall, moved with drive. 2nd Fox Tenshilling I get Around to Dappleline, moved ok.
Special Beginers Dog/Bitch (6-0) 1st Razzell The Artful Archer of Hookwood as above, 2nd Dunn Meadowpoint Spirit of Love jw shcm nice head and eye, clean neck and shoulders, well bodied, good tail set moved ok, 3rd Lake Wild time.
Minor Puppy Bitch (3-2) 1st Razzell & Hazeltine Hookwood Blondie 8months baby, full of energy, giving handler a hard time.
Puppy Bitch (4-1) 1st Stuckey Pendan Vashti pleasing head, dark eye for a youngster, nice front, well bodied, good tail set, moved well 2nd Mason Nosam Kwatile sweet femine gead, good top line, nice turn of stifle, a little nervous of the wind and tent rattling. 3rd Razzell & Hazeltine Hookwood Blondie
Junior Bitch (9-0) 1st Warkins & Phillips & Gordon Hawkfield Audacious (ai) good head, clean neck, well balanced throughout, deep chest, well sprung ribs, good turn of stifle and hocks well let down. 2nd Rayner Spinks & Pringle Mi Gartarry High Society at Spinray similar remarks apply could change places on another day, 3rd Lake Wild Thyme
Yearling Bitch (5-0) 1st Mccourt, Kanix Opihr litter sister to my yd class similar remarks apply but obviously with a femine touch, 2nd Tibbs Sharnfilly Escada at Raigmore smart clean lines, nice head and eye, good legs and feet, well bodied, nice top line and tail set, moved with drive. 3rd Anthony Jilony Ola
Post Graduate Bitch (6-3) 1st Tobin & Moss Davigdor Bee Wyched just my type of bitch nothing over done, correct size and shape, pleasing head with soft expression, good dentition, clean neck, well bodied, would just like a little more confidence when moving. 2nd Hewitt Droveboroughs Miss Marple finer than winner but balanced throughout ,nice head slightly arched neck, well laid shoulders, firm top line, moved with style. 3rd Gordon Hawkfield Saunter jw.
Limit Bitch (3-1) 1st Cooper Carmandine Cover Girl by Fleurfield femine head with dark eye correct ear placement and shape, well bodied, good top line, not putting much effort in her movement but it was sound. 2nd Batchelor Hookwood it’s a Kind of Magic at Kirlderpoint heavier in stature than winner but still balanced, good head, deep brisket, good turn of stifle, moved ok.
Open Bitch (6-0) 1st Stuckey Sh Ch Medogold Coraline of Penden jw shcm a new bitch to me but took my eye as soon as she entered the ring was not disappointed neat compact, clean out line, good head and eye, clean neck leading to well laid shoulder placement well sprung ribs, deep brisket, well bodied, carrying the right amount of weight and moved with drive 2nd Wilberg & Robinson NZ CH Robwyn Lois Lane to Kanix nice femine shape, pleasing head shape and carriage, well bodied, deep chest and well sprung ribs, muscular hind quarters, covered plenty of ground on the move.
Judge Joyce Whiting (Rodale)

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