Irish Red & White Setter Breed Critique

Irish Red & White Setter

Irish Red & White Setter

I would like to thank the committee for your kind invitation to judge, my two stewards for their support and patience and last of all the exhibitors without you the judging would not take place.
VETERAN DOG (3-1) 1st BOB Barry’s SH CH Rustasha Rhapsody in Red ShCm pleasing head with dark eye good front and tight feet, deep chest, well sprung ribs, moved soundly and with unison with handler. 2nd McDonald’s Roanjora Pinotage ShCm nice head, clean neck, good legs and feet, nice overall outline, not quite as precise in movement as winner.
PUPPY DOG (1-0) 1st Wade’s raw puppy, nice head and eye, level top line, not to happy standing #but on the move looked relaxed and balanced.
JUNIOR DOG (4-1) 1st RDCC Knox-Jakins sound throughout, good balanced head of correct lines, dark eye, correct bite, nice lay of shoulders, correct level top line, good coat colour, muscle just starting to develop at just 12 months will watch his progress with interest. 2nd Martin’s Laoirebay Steel Blue Ocean at Shannonstyle good head and front, nice rear quarters with correct turn of stifle, showed and moved well, 3rd Laoirebay Monte Carlo
YEARLING DOG (1-0) 1st Martin’s Laoirebay Steel Blue Ocean at Shannonstyle as above
POST GRADUATE DOG (2-1) 1st Walpole’s Gallybob Quantum Leap balanced dog, good coat colour and texture, nice head with soft expression, correct top line, just needs to watch front legs when standing.
LIMIT DOG (5-1) 1st McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao JW SHCM nice old fashioned type with correct level top line and tail set, good head and shoulders, clean neck, well sprung ribs, neat legs and feet, moved with drive. 2nd Collins Romaunt Bloomin Grand at Forestpoint pleasing head with dark well shaped eye, correct ear placement, deep brisket, well laid shoulders and moved in unison with handler.3rd Gardner Alanea Game Reserve with Danwish.
OPEN DOG (2-0) 1st Barry’s SH CH Rustasha Golden Rapper good balanced head, clean neck, well laid shoulders, good top line, correct tail set and carriage which was used on the move, in good coat with adequate feathering, 2nd Cuddy’s Taxus Golden Prince in Balbriggan JW similar remarks apply winner just excelling in coat.
VETERAN BITCH (1-0) 1st Barry’s SH CH Rustasha Rosa Kim femine head, good stop, clean neck, moved ok
PUPPY BITCH (1-0) 1st O’Conner Dalcross Dancing Queen with Caispern nice head, in good coat for age, correct bite, good top line, just needs to tighten up in movement.
JUNIOR BITCH (6-1) 1st Henson Ianbro Corellian Calypso at Tatsbro nice femine bitch balanced throughout, good head and eye, ears well set, neat legs and feet, good top line and tail set, moved with drive and purpose. 2nd Callaghan’s Laoirebay Penny Lane similar remarks apply but not as settled when on the move. 3rd Knapton Laoirebay Winter Fern with Rojenste.
YEARLING BITCH ( 5-1) 1st Henson Ianbro Corellian Calypso at Tatsbro as above 2nd Knapton Laoirebay Winter Fern with Rojenste. Nice head and shoulders, correct bite, good legs and feet, well bodied, moved ok
POST GRADUATE BITCH (3-1) 1st RBCC Barney’s Romaunt A’int Life Grand moved extremely well sound and true showing all the time she was in the ring, in good coat with enough feathering to finish the picture, pleasing head, neat legs and feet, well bodied, correct top line and tail set, good turn of stifle. 2nd Soper’s Lovenjoel Bell of The Ball two very nice bitches and both in good coat, but second not putting much effort in when moving.
LIMIT BITCH (5-1) 1st BCC BOB Tait’s Lovenjoel Sleeping Beauty just what I was looking for, pleasing head and eye with soft expression, deep chest, well sprung ribs, nice coat texture and colour, nothing overdone, good angulation front and rear, well muscled and moved with drive. 2nd Wade Oldstone Charlies Angel 3rd Callaghan Corranroo Coco at Laoirebay
OPEN BITCH (2-0) 1st Tong’s Rustasha Raison D’Etre for Kellizlot nice bitch when settled, good overall shape, well bodied, kept top line standing and on the move. 2nd Hart’s Gilliegrae Swift N’Chic more rangy than winner, balanced head, correct eye shape and ears well set, good coat colour and texture, moved ok.
Judge Joyce Whiting (Rodale)

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