German Shorthaired Pointer Breed Critique

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer
Welsh kennel club, 18/08/2019

Thank you to the Welsh kennel club for inviting me to judge at this show. Everyone was friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. This was my first appointment for giving CCs in GSPs, I had a lot of lovely dogs to go over and some decision were very close in some of the classes. The exhibitors were very sporting with a lot of clapping and well wishes to the winners, thank you.

Judge Samantha Whiting (Annilann).

Veteran (2,1) 1st FLAHERTY, REDDYHOUGH. Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Wieser JW Sh. Lovely 7 year old gentleman. Presented a clean outline with good head, muscled neck with clean shoulders, sound front, good feet, balanced hind quarters, muscled throughout and powered round the ring.

Puppy dog (4,2)

1st, MANN, Valger Ragnar, handsome young man with an alert pleasing expression, he flowed through neck and shoulders, deep chest, correct front assembly, ribs developing well, strong back, super coat, compact in outline and muscled throughout, moved really well,BP. 2 ROSE,HUNT, Pingarypoint Top Secret At Kavacanne, set on heavier lines than 1st, he has a handsome head with good eye, muscled neck, ribs set well back and sprung, strong in loin, good legs and feet moved with drive.

Novice dog (1)

1st, ROSE, HUNT, Pingarypoint Top Secret At Kavacanne (repeat of 2nd in puppy)

Class 1960 PGD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st, RICHARDS, Bilston Banner , this young man has a lovely balanced head, strong neck into good shoulders, good width of chest, super bone and feet, did not give his all today as was not cooperating with his handler.

Class 1961 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st, HARRIS, Barleyarch Pringle JW, young man I have judged before as a baby and he didn't disappoint me when entering this class, he has a handsome head with kind expression, head of good proportions, lovely eye shape and colour, clean muscled neck, ribs well sprung and set well back, firm top line, good bone, legs straight and strong with firm feet, well turned stifle and let down hocks, muscled throughout, moved true with super parallel action, CC. 2, BRAINE, Grenetrest Canterbury Bell JW, classic head with good eye shape and colour, good reach of neck and depth of chest, well ribbed, nice angulation in the rear, just not keeping his top line on the move today.

3, STOPFORTH,Taftazini Cesar Chance With Serenymor JW

Class 1962 OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st, BROWN,BURNS, Sh Ch Magregor Threesacrowd At Pothouse JW Sh.CM, masculine head without any coarseness, kind expression with dark eye, super balanced outline, good return of upper arm, developed deep chest with ribs set back into strong loin, level top line, powerful hind angulation, he moved true and sound.RCC. 2, THURM, SH CH Bryburn Bacchus JW, Well presented dog , balanced head, good length of neck, shoulder placement set well, deep chest, strong legs and feet, compact body, muscled quarters, not as positive on the move as 1 today. 3, SIELSKI, Orchidstar Bonds of Speed JW Sh.CM

Veteran (1)

1st,THURM, Sh Ch Valger Odette, pretty lady with excellent scull proportions, dark eye, clean neck and shoulders, deep chest with good fore chest, strong firm top line, correct underline, excellent hind quarters, super sound on the move,BV.

Minor puppy bitch (2,1)

1st, STALEY, Jomeel Now I'm Here, lovely youngster with a pretty head and intelligent expression, neck falls into correct shoulder placement, body developing well, good turn of stifle and muscle quarters moved well.

Puppy bitch (9)

1st, SIELSKI, Orchidstar Okey Dokey , feminine head with soft expression, neck strong leading into well set shoulders, good fore chest with deep ribs that are set back, strong top line with good tail set, covered the ground with ease BPB, 2, ROSE, Kavacanne At Karwendel, Has a beautiful head that is balanced, eye of good colour and shape, chest is deep, legs well boned with super feet, strong in back, developed quarters moved with drive. 3, BARKER, Valger Rapunzel

Junior bitch (6)

1st,BARKER, Valger Rapunzel, smart youngster with balanced head and good eye, correct front and rear angulation, deep and broad in ribs, plenty of bone, shown in lovely condition, moving well. 2, JONES, Keigame Sweet Lullaby Of Barleydust, gentle expression with well set eyes, forelegs strong and straight with correct bone, ribs well sprung, muscled throughout with good bend of stifle, movement was good when settled. 3, DRYSDALE, Drysika Foxtrot

Novice bitch (2,1)

1st: 4916 SERPA,PETERS, Winterwell Piha At Pontopresa, this bitch has a lovely head and eye with good neck and shoulders, well bodied with good length of loin, when stood she seemed to arch her back slightly but when moving she relaxed and her movement is super, she covers the ground really well with a fantastic top line.

Postgraduate bitch (9,1)

1st, ELRINGTON, Barleyarch Dorito At Tequesta JW , lovely head and expression, neck flowing into well set shoulders, good depth and length of rib, loin strong giving her a good top line, well developed muscled rear, moving out well covering the ground with ease. 2, BIRKENSHAW, Barleyarch Sabrita For Gilcar, delightful head with kind eye and expression, sturdy clean neck with shoulders well set, good width and depth of chest, strong bone with compact feet, excellent top line and tail set, moved true and steady.

3, BARKER,Radstorm Legal Eagle At Barkersdream JW

Limit bitch (10,1)

1st, MANN, Elfrindrew Lacey To Valger JW , beautifully balanced bitch, pretty head with correct eye shape and colour, good reach of neck and super front assembly, ample bone throughout, deep in chest with good ribs, moved with good reach and powerful driving from behind, unlucky to meet my open winners today. 2, MALIN, Keigame Murphlette At Benrae , feminine bitch with pleasing head and eye, well laid shoulders with correct front, balanced clean outline, good length of loin, firm top line, lovely coat, strong quarters what enabled her to move out well. 3, PEARSON, Ladyhawke Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Open bitch (2)

These 2 bitches where of super breed type and I am so happy to of had the opportunity to go over both of them. 1,HUSTLER, Aytee Katerina, this lady is what I was looking for today, she has the most exquisite head with an intelligent soft expression, flowing neck into super shoulders, has width in chest and deep ribs that are set back, true front, best of legs and feet, well off for bone, strong loin, developed muscled rear angulation, strong level top line, her standing profile is super and did not disappoint me when moving as she powered round the ring with reach and drive, CC and BOB. 2, TROW, Ch Winterwell Inca Trail JW , beautiful bitch from all angles, head is balanced, beautiful expressive eyes, neck strong and muscular, shoulders set well with good return of upper arm, deep in chest and body, strong loin, good turn of stifle, neat feet, moved sound and free, RCC.

GSP Championship Show

My sincere thanks to the members of the GSP Club for the kindness and hospitality that was extended to me. I was most impressed with the excellent venue and I thoroughly enjoyed my day with your lovely breed. I was delighted with the great entry and despite the extreme heat most of the dogs coped very well.
Junior Dog or Bitch
1 Harvey’s Soellis Jamie Pammie at Imaniz. Feminine and very steady on the move with some drive from the rear. Well angulated, good length of rib and good breadth of loin. Pleasing head with a kind intelligent expression.
2 Stopforth’s Taftaznie Cesar Chance. Mature and handsome and he presents a pleasing outline with his short back and good neck and shoulders. Well boned with good legs and typically shaped, well-padded feet. Moved out well with a smooth, easy action.
3 McArdle’s Archerpoint’s I Want It All
Post Graduate Dog or Bitch
1 Milligan’s Isara Kurzhaar All Spice. Very pleasing for both balance and type, good head proportions, kind expression. Decent forechest with well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest and rib. Good hind angulation with good muscle tone. Impressed on the move both out and back and in profile.
2 Beverley’s Bryburn Artemis of Vinita JW. Close up and she too is feminine and very unexaggerated. Attractive head with good eyes, large open nostrils. Clean neck and shoulders. Good length of rib. Moved out well with a smooth easy action.
3 Staley’s Jomeel Midnight Rambler
Open Dog or Bitch
1 Coghlan’s Sh Ch Soellis Smug Doug JW ShCM. Despite the intense heat, he really looked as though he could have done a day’s work. Grand head, adequate length of neck and clean shoulders and outline. Good length of rib. Strong broad loin. Well-muscled hindquarters. Moved out soundly with evidence of both reach and drive. Coarse coat.
2 Drew’s Sh Ch Cushatlaw Illustrious JW. Teeming with quality and she is feminine and has a lovely kind expression. Pleasing to handle as she is well made with a decent forechest, good ribbing and strong hindquarters. Stands well covering plenty of ground and did not disappoint on the move.
3 Brown & Burns’ Sh Ch Magregor Threesacrowd at Pothouse JW ShCM.
Judge: Tom Mather

North West Canine Association ~ Open Show 7/5/18
German Wirehaired Pointer
1 Donnelly’s Kimmax Knock Yourself Out. Best Puppy. Typical and well balanced, good head proportions with kind expression, clean lip line. Good forehand with decent bone and well padded feet. Ribbed well back. Very pleasing on the move.
Post Graduate
1 Donnelly’s Beechillawn Oooh Betty. Feminine with a lovely temperament. Pleasing head with good breadth of skull, strong jaws. Decent neck and shoulders. Good body with sufficient depth of chest. Moved soundly.
1 McCullough’s Kimmax Miss Kongeniality. BOB. Very pleasing to handle as she is well made with a good head, clear oval eye, strong jaws. Kindly expression. Good forehand with strong, nicely arched neck and well laid shoulders. Deep well ribbed body with strong short loin. Good quarters and shown in excellent muscle tone. Impressed on the move. I was pleased to hear that both she and her kennel mate caught the eye of the BIS judge later in the day. Well done.
2 McCullough’s Sh Ch Kimmax Kurious George. Strong and workmanlike and like his sister shown in excellent muscle tone. Good eye, alert expression, excellent neck and shoulders, well ribbed. Moved soundly with an easy fluid action.
3 Cooke’s Tynsil Tennyson
German Shorthaired Pointer
1 Cooke & Barker’s Radstorm Legal Eagle. Best Puppy. An attractive youngster, well made with a good forehand. Well boned with good legs and compact, well-padded feet. Good rib and body for age. Sound and typical on the move.
1 Stopforth’s Taftazine Cesar Chance. BOB. A really smart 13 months old youngster. Beautifully balanced, masculine head with kind expression. Short backed with strong, well muscled loin. Compact feet. Really well muscled quarters and this was reflected in his forceful, easy action.
1 Harris’ Sh Ch Barleyarch Playtime JW. Typey and well balanced with a lovely head nd expression, large open nostrils, kind expression. Good, slightly arced neck, well laid shoulders. Well ribbed back. Good quarters. Moved soundly but not quite the enthusiasm of the young dog.
1 Smith’s Sniperay Lord Lambourne Via Tzaziki. Best Puppy. Still rather raw but with lots to commend him. Masculine and handsome, good head properties, nicely arched neck which could be a little cleaner for perfection, good forehand with oval bone and feet. Good depth of chest and ribs extend well back. Once settled moved out well with some drive from the rear.
2 Pimblett’s Bestina Butterfly at Hilldon. Less finished than the winner although very slightly older. Attractive head with kind expression, large open nostrils. Good neck and shoulders, shapely and her profile action was pleasing.
1 MacManus’ Luneville Divas Diamond. Lovely typical head and expression, clean neck and shoulders with good depth of brisket. Good straight forelegs with oval bone and decent feet. Moved out well.
2 MacManus’ Luneville Solitaire. Elegant and lithesome with a good head, kind eye, good length of neck. Could be a little stronger in pastern. Good body and rib, decent hindquarters with good angulation.
1 Macmanus’s Luneville Strawberry Moon. BOB. Very typey and beautifully balanced. Feminine head and expression with kind eye and slight dish. Excellent forehand with good bone and nicely padded feet. Moved out really well with typical tail action.
1 Hill’s Weipower Winnie Winchester. BOB. Powerfully made yet feminine and most impressive on the move with a really good easy stride. Very typical head and expression, good forehand with depth of brisket, good ribbing and strong loin.
Post Graduate
1 Weipower Winnie Winchester. BOB.
2 Reilly, Rayner & Maskell’s Smilek Eyes of Silver. She too is a lovely bitch of very good type and balance. Well proportioned head of good length, kind eye, good shoulders. Well bodied with good topline and tailset set. Moved out well.
1 Reilly, Rayner & Maskell’s Gunalt Astute at Smilek. A mature, well made btich, pleasing head and expression, clean moderate neck and good shoulders. Good depth of chest, good length of rib. Moved soundly but in the challenge, I felt that the younger bitch coped better with the head and had a little more power on the move.
2 Stamp’s Gunalt Two To Tango with Tynsil. A quality bitch I have admired in the past, unfortunately her owner had an accident in the ring and this somewhat unsettled her – a pity as she is a lovely type and I know just how well she can move.
Import Register
Post Graduate
1 Giles’Cuidado Xtra Xplorer at Kanetia (Imp). A smart dog with a lovely square outline and moderately fine boned. Good head with lively expression, well pigmented mouth and correct bite. Large, mobile ears. Moved out well with a light short stride. Shows to good advantage.
Judge: Tom Mather

Waverley Gundog Association
Sunday 18th February 2018
Judge Leanne Challands (Annilann)

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge and Thank you to those that entered, I had a wonderful day. I was well looked after by the committee and by my steward MD.

PG (2,1)
1st. Sutherland’s Javal Tanqueray Bloomsbury. Feminine o/w bitch, kind sweet expression, divergent head planes, strong in bone throughout, deep chest, straight forequarters, nice oval feet, coat of correct texture, moved well with drive. Giving handler a hard time.
Open (2,1)
1st, Sutherland’s Javal…. Handsome b/r balanced dog of good size, good divergent head planes, nice kind expression, gentle sloping stop with good median furrow, strong muscular neck going into well laid back shoulders, correct gently sloping topline rising to a well muscled loin, coat of correct texture, giving his all on the move. BOB.

Junior (1,0)
McCafferty’s Richtig Raoghnailt. Sweet bitch, good straight topline when settled, moved well, good bone throughout, sweet head, tight eye with intelligent expression, deep chest, straight forefront, tight feet, ribs reaching down to well tucked up loin. Moved well.
PG (2,0)
1st Gibbon’s, Kavacanne Cheeky Vimto at Faubourg. Ticked bitch with feminine head, correct ear set and length, well muscled throughout, coat of correct coarseness, strong hindquarters, well arched tight feet.
2nd Jackman’s Katelands Cosmic Affair via Navigareamor. Another well muscled bitch with good bone and sweet head and eye, little longer in loin that 1.
Open (3,1)
1st Jackman’s, Navigareamor Hardtoport. Strong, well muscled handsome dog with tight eye and intelligent expression, ears set correct, strong neck into well set shoulders, deep chest with well sprung ribs, straight boned forequarters, tight arched feet, ribs going back into tucked up loin, stifles well bent with straight set hocks, good drive on movement, keeping that straight topline. BOB.
2nd Gibbon’s, Kavacanne Cheeky Vimto at Faubourg. See previous.

Cocker spaniel Dogs
Puppy (2,0)
1st Smith’s, Pearkim Pokemon at Luanshya. Hard class, both lovely dogs. O/R, coat of good condition and well presented, nice tight eye with well chiseled head, good spring to rib for age with short loin, correct topline keeping it on the move, moved well.
2nd Hynd’s, Ryallcourt Tan About Town at Scomar. Many of the same attributes of 1, well presented, good spring to rib, good topline, moved well, just preferred the shorter loin in 1.

Junior (2,0)
1st Smith’s, Pearkim Pokemon at Luanshya. (See 1st puppy dog)
2nd Flowers’s Totenkopf Dutch Spirit Maker. Gold dog, presented well, strong bone in forequarters, nice tight feet, deep chest well sprung rib.

Graduate (7,2)
1st Adams’s, Whinburn Night Owl JW ShCM. Black dog, stood square, well chiselled head with tight eye and square muzzle, well developed chest, strong bone throughout, ribs well sprung, short loin. Rounded stifle, muscular hindquarters, correct topline, keeping it on the move, moved merry and with drive. BD and BOB with agreement from co judge.
2nd MacLean & Scotland’s, Chataway Ronaldo. Handsome head with gentle expression, nice tight eye, square in muzzle, clean throat, strong neck into well laid shoulder, stood square with correct topline, moved well.
3rd Bodzak’s, Briconess Solar Flare.

Limit (3,0)
1st Garrett’s, Creelshaugh Kaos. Stood square with correct topline, handsome head, ribs well sprung, short in loin, good bone throughout, well developed chest with straight forequarters, moved well.
2nd Flowers’s, Totenkopf Magic Touch JW. Well muscled handsome dog, well developed chest, good spring to rib, moved well, good coat, well presented, little longer in loin than 1.
3rd Hynd’s, Scomar Magic Flute.

Open (4,1)
1st Smith’s, Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya. Handsome dog with a well chiselled head, square muzzle and tight eye with gentle expression. Well developed chest with deep brisket, straight bone through forequarters, good bend to stifle, moved well keeping correct topline.
2nd Rodger’s, Pembrokgate Dandy Lad. Handsome dog, stood square, good coat in great condition, well presented, moved with drive.
3rd Fairbairn and Madigan & Nuttall’s, Chativore Stargazer.

Best Bitch Nuttall’s, Carmelfair Calabrianna. Feminine headed bitch with sweet expression and tight eye, good straight boned forequarters. Well sprung ribs, nice short loin, good bend to stifle, moved well.

Weimaraner Bitches
Graduate (2,0)
1st MacLaine & Dickson’s, Greyspirit Hope So. Sweet head, eyes of good disposition and kind in expression, good rib to loin ratio, level strong topline with good slope to croup, moved well.
2nd MacLaine & Dickson’s, Greyspirit Hopes N’ Dreams. Forequarters straight and strong, good bend to stifle with well let down hocks, compact well arched feet, moved well, preferred head and texture of coat on 1.

1st MacLaine & Dickson’s, Greyspirit Purdue JW CJW. Point of shoulder to point of buttock in correct proportion, good silver coloured coat of smooth. Sleek texture, moderate bend to stifle, well muscled thigh and well let down hocks, good strong level topline keeping it on the move.
2nd White & Scougall’s, Silverkelvin Cassieopia. Correct colour and texture to coat, would prefer more length to rib, deep chest, straight forequarters, well tucked up flank.

1st MacLaine & Dickson’s, Sh Ch Greyspirit Missy Sippy JW ShCM. Effortless movement, good coat colour and texture, nice feminine aristocratic head of good proportions, well set eye with kind expression, deep chest, well sprung ribs that reach well back, strong straight topline with good slope to croup, straight boned front and well muscled throughout. BB.
2nd White & Scougall’s, Silverkelvin Rising Star. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, strong straight forequarters, moderate tuck up to strong flank, well angulated stifle, well muscled with strong well let down hocks.

BD MacLaine & Dickson’s, Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite ShCM, Covered the ground effortlessly with a top line that’s strong and level. handsome dog with well portioned head and intelligent expression, chest deep, ribs well sprung and set well back, forelegs straight and strong, well arched, coat of brilliant texture and colour for age. BD and BOB with agreement from co judge.

6-11 Y/O
1st Lois McCloud.
2nd Adam Davidson.
Both had a good relationship with their dog, both could do with brushing up on basic junior handling rules. 1st was just more attentive to her dog and to what I was asking of her.

12-16 Y/O
1st Eve Sutherland.
2nd Jodie Scotland.
Both showed promse, both very attentive to their dog and to what I was asking of them, both smartly dressed, 1st took her place and best over all handler as she knew more about the anatomy of the dog.

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