Bracco Italiano Breed Critique

Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano
Edwinstowe and district canine society
Bracco italiano.
Puppy (2,1) 1st Glider and Blundens Gunsyn Over my Head Con Mikette, pretty bitch of lovely stature, gentle expression with slight stop, good proportions to head with lean cheeks. moderate length neck set in well laid back shoulders, true straight front with good oval bone, ribs springing nicely with short firm loin, stifles well bent with well muscled rear quarters, BOB, BP.
Junior (1) repeat of puppy.
Lagotto Romagnolo.
Puppy (1) 1st Bowers Niente Di Niente De La Foret Des Hauts Dee Gaigals. Handsome young man with square muzzle, dark eyes with intelligent expression, strong short neck, good lay of shoulders with tightly fitting elbows, ribs set back with good length of loin, powerful rear quarters, moved well BP, RBOB.
Open (1) 1st Glider and Blundens Fullforge Free Horizons Con Mikette, lovely bitch with all the charicteristics asked of the lagotto, she has an alert intelligent expression, round dark eyes, square muzzle with correct proportions to skull, muscled arched neck going into well places shoulders, well developed chest and deep in body, stood square with well muscled quarters, moved free with drive BOB.
Judge Samantha Whiting




Res Dog CC : 5383 BELL, Miss A & MADDOX Miss N Int Ch Sh Ch Polcevera's Ercole (Imp) Sh.CM EJW14

Bitch CC : 5388 BOWLEY Mrs L Sh Ch Gunsyn Aafia

Res Bitch CC : 5385 BELL, Miss A & MADDOX Miss N Doppio Venator D' Ursus At Owlspoint (Imp)

Best Puppy : 5384 BELL, Miss A & MADDOX Miss N Owlspoint Queen Of Trouble

Best Veteran : 5399 FROST Ms J K Braccorion's Bernardo Of Bushwacker

Thank you to all of the exhibitors for the sporting manner in which you accepted my decisions. I have admired your breed since I first judged them in the Import Register classes. I was pleased with the overall quality on show here today. Movement was, on the whole very good, temperaments were excellent and all of the dogs were clean and in good condition.

Class 1868 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5399 FROST Ms J K Braccorion's Bernardo Of Bushwacker. Shown in splendid condition for 8 years of age and this was reflected in his lithe, easy action with plenty of drive. Very pleasing head with good planes. Well balanced with good breadth of chest and typical topline. Best Veteran.
2nd: 5381 BELL Miss A Millpoint Double Trouble At Owlspoint Sh.CM. Handsome and well balanced, strongly made with good oval bone and decent feet and slight slope to pasterns. Good breadth and depth of chest.

Class 1869 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5400 GOODE Mr & Mrs M Owlspoint King Of Trouble. A very promising youngster, strongly made with good head planes, some chiselling. Decent forehand with good legs, bone and feet. Strong short loin. Moved soundly and with some drive from the rear.
2nd: 5392 COTTERELL Mr & Mrs W & P Valcor Rebel Alliance. Another good moving youngster who just lacks the maturity and co-ordination of the winner. Pleasing head with kind, soft expression, good leathers. Strong neck with a little dewlap. Good forehand. Shapely and well balanced.
3rd: 5416 WHITTAKER Mrs J & Mr R Braccorion Knock Out

Class 1870 JD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5379 ADAMO Mrs L J Zakro Vito. Handsome with a strong, well ribbed body, adequate depth and breadth of chest. Good oval bone and well arched feet. Free moving with a good length of stride and he is very sound both out and back.
2nd: 5400 GOODE Mr & Mrs M Owlspoint King Of Trouble
3rd: 5412 WHITE, Mr A & CONNOLLY Miss F Defalco Raffaello Of Nguvu


Class 1872 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5382 BELL, Miss A & MADDOX Miss N Owlspoint Master Of Trouble Sh.CM. Strongly made with good head planes, but could perhaps be a shade finer in skull. Kind expressive eyes. Excellent forehand with good bone, legs and feet. Well ribbed and compact. Moved out well with an easy stride and carried himself well.
2nd: 5414 WHITESIDE Ms J Allessandro L' Difensore To Absolamour. Good head planes and intelligent, noble expression. Strong, medium neck and good forehand. Impressive on the move with his proud carriage and good action.
3rd: 5398 FROST Mesdames A & J Cerberos Venator D'ursus With Bushwacker (Imp)

Class 1873 OD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5389 BOWLEY , AHERNS PRIMAVERA, & PRIMAVERA Ch Sobers Atticus. A well made, handsome mature dog with an excellent head, divergent planes, good length and some chiselling. Kind expression. Good neck and shoulders, well ribbed compact body. Moved well with an easy elastic stride. Dog CC & BOB.
2nd: 5383 BELL, Miss A & MADDOX Miss N Int Ch Sh Ch Polcevera's Ercole (Imp) Sh.CM EJW14. Reserve CC. Has lots of quality and was close up here. Lovely head and expression. Depp chest chest, good rib and strong short loin. Strong well muscled hindquarters. Held himself well on the move with his good carriage and easy stride.
3rd: 5393 COTTERELL Mr & Mrs W & P Fancygun Luke Skywalker At Valcor (Imp)

Class 1874 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5405 POWELL Ms J Bonario Burlesque. Most attractive head, divergent planes, good length and large nose pad. Good forehnad with depth and breadth of chest. Good breadth of loin and croup. Well balanced and very true on the move.

Class 1875 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5384 BELL, Miss A & MADDOX Miss N Owlspoint Queen Of Trouble. I thought she was lovely; very good head properties with correct planes and kind expression. Mature in body and rib with good breadth of loin. Quite compact. Good bone legs and well arched feet. Most impressive on the move with her good head carriage and very true and accurate footfall. Best Puppy and Reserve CC.
2nd: 5408 TITCHMARSH Mr M & Mrs C Valcor Princess Of Alderone. A lovely promising youngster with a pleasing head of good length and with divergent planes. Very good forehand with decent oval bone, well balanced with typical topline. Sound on the move with good extension but not quite the finished co-ordination of the winner as yet.
3rd: 5409 TOWNS, Miss E & LAY Mr G Braccorion Carma's Coming

Class 1876 JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5417 WHITTAKER Mrs J & Mr R Ami Di Pannonia Valeria (Imp). Noble expression with good head planes and large nose. Decent forehand with good oval bone. Well ribbed for age with strong short loin. Moved soundly and in typical fashion once she settled.

Class 1877 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 0
This was a tough class to judge as all 6 exhibits had something to admire and offer the breed,
1st: 5418 WHITTAKER Mrs J & Mr R Braccorion's It's Showtime Farnfield. Scored on maturity of body and rib, strong and well balanced with an attractive head, soft expression, excellent outline and she presents a lovely picture on the move with her good true action and pleasing drive.
2nd: 5387 BOREHAM Mrs V Braccorion's Isn't She Lovely. Litter sister to the winner, very similar and many of the same remarks apply to her. She too impressed on the move with her good stride and very true, fluid action.
3rd: 5406 POWELL Ms J Madreliath's Omaggio

Class 1878 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5385 BELL, Miss A & MADDOX Miss N Doppio Venator D' Ursus At Owlspoint (Imp). Workmanlike and most attractive with good head planes, kind expression. Good rib and breadth of loin. Well balanced and presents a lovely outline both standing and moving. Good feet. Strong well muscled hindquarters. Moved soundly and with plenty of energy and this gave her the advantage today.
2nd: 5402 HUDSON-SMITH, Ms L & SMITH Ms S Fancygun Shoot To Thrill Teverlarni (Imp). Very typey and well balanced, excellent head and expression. Strong moderate neck with dewlap. Well ribbed and compactly made with strong loin. Sound on the move but I felt she was a little affected by the heat and did not quite have the energy of the winner.
3rd: 5390 BURKE Mrs V Braccorion's I Put A Spell On Alcazar

Class 1879 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5388 BOWLEY Mrs L Sh Ch Gunsyn Aafia. Top class bitch of lovely type and balance. Beautiful head with kind expression. Good depth and breadth of chest, strong ribbing with short, well muscled loin. Well angulated with good muscle tone and short from hock to heel. Moved really well with good carriage and plenty of drive from the rear. CC.
2nd: 5404 MCANDREW Miss S Gunsyn Sesto Elemento With Brackenmist JW Sh.CM. Lovely feminine head with some chiselling and large nose pad. Well balanced and very typical in all respects. Good bone. In good condition and with a pliant skin. Absolutely true and sound on the move. Very classy.
3rd: 5386 BELL, Miss A & MADDOX Miss N Birs Venator D'ursus At Owlspoint Sh.CM (Imp)

Judge: Tom Mather

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