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Online and postal entries for Crufts 2019 are now open.
The show takes place from 7th-10th March 2019 at the NEC, Birmingham. The breed competitions are scheduled to take place on the following days:

Thursday, 7th March 2019 — Gundog

Friday, 8th March 2019 — Working and Pastoral

Saturday, 9th March 2019 — Terrier and Hound

Sunday, 10th March 2019 — Utility and Toy
The Crufts schedule is available online. However, exhibitors requiring a printed copy can request one by sending an A5 stamped addressed envelope to Crufts, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, London W1J 8AB. Postage costs are £1.30 for first class and £1.22 for second class, large letter rate.

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Exhibitors are asked to note that the West car park is no longer part of the NEC site, so all parking will be in either the South or East car parks in which there is ample parking. There are also changes to parking charges as follows: booked with entry, £11 per day; booked in advance via the NEC website, £12 per day; paid on the day (online or at the NEC), £16 per day.

To view an online version of the schedule or to enter your dogs (which must have qualified) in the show, please visit

DogFocus... Says:

Crufts may be the most prestigious show on the UK calendar but at £30.00 an entry and a car park charge of £16.00 on the day will exhibitors cough up for Crufts?
Early starts for many or expensive overnight accommodation add to the angst, a long walk from the car parks and ultra expensive food and drink at the NEC is likely to cause unrest again this year when a simple bottle of water is priced at over £2.00.
There is no doubt top winners in the scheduled breeds will be there , but what of the the majority? Are the possible returns a big enough draw to spending a small fortune on one day?
Early removals are again 4.00 which will produce a mass exodus at this time and the roads around the NEC will be gridlocked ...again. Surely the Kennel Club are aware that with Puppy classes at the beginning of the day this means our young stock will be subjected to many hours in the hostile environment of the NEC, isn't it time the Kennel Club actually walked the walk of dog welfare , they can certainly talk the talk.


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  1. Pompey John

    I have to agree about not being allowed to leave Crufts before 16:00. As I understand it the original idea behind it was to allow spectators ample time to wander round and view the dogs on the benches, even though many of them will be in crates most of the time. Last time I was there with my wife we joined the queue for the exit at about 15:30 and were quite a good way down. Some had been there since at least 15:00, which makes a mockery of the whole 'show your dog to the public' idea. The point about young dogs being there for a long time is also very valid, especially if you are in a breed with an early start time such as whippets. If the KC cared about their exhibitors, which we know they don't, they would allow us to exit from the latest at 14:00. My bitch has qualified and if it was not for a friend offering to take her and exhibit her I would not be entering her.

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