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The Strange Case Of The Kennel Club SGM

The Strange Case Of The Kennel Club SGM

The Curious Case of the Kennel Club SGM

The weekly printed canine newspaper “Our Dogs” reported in their edition of the 7th of September, under the headline “Kennel Club SGM requested by members”, that there had been a call for a vote of no confidence in three of the Board’s senior members, the individuals named were Mr Simon Luxmore , Mr Mark Cocozza and Mr Jeff Horswell.

The Press Office at the Kennel Club has remained silent.

There does appear however to be rumbling of unease amongst those who had allegedly agreed to the written request for a Special General Meeting with denials of consent given .To date there has been no publication of the 5% of Kennel Club Members names needed to call for a meeting of this kind, although it has been alleged by Our Dogs that they understood that the necessary quotient of 75 had been exceeded.

A source within the Kennel Club has told DogFocus that the request was lodged within the KC and that the validity of the document and accompanying signatures were being assessed as there had been doubts raised as to its legitimacy following contact by concerned members.

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DogFocus Comment:
It is to be expected that such a radical request would be carefully scrutinised especially as there has been a public announcement of the intention but no details that would customarily also be aired. It would be reasonable to assume that the supporters of a decision of such magnitude would be keen to advertise their involvement and yet the petitioners have remained somewhat shy.

As usual, social media has been awash with accusations and personal slights. It seems that today it is to be expected whether you are a large business or an individual that there is trial by Facebook or Twitter but for the majority of the verbose commentators there is no recognisable consequence.

If the SGM request is found to be legitimate, taking a formal step to collectively examine an individual or individuals actions the playground is left behind and both the accused and the accusers have a great deal to win or lose as is the case in every challenge within a business model.

Without knowing the exact wording of the accusation/s made against those named it is unwise to second guess the reasons behind the move or the possible outcome.
Will the Kennel Club and the unsigned members see this as an orchestrated smear campaign or a legitimate call for attention when all other paths have been attempted?

In a matter of trust of those at the helm it is sincerely hoped that the words of Sir Winston Churchill will be considered “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”


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  1. Sheila Atter

    Probably the most sensible comment so far on this whole sorry debacle.

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