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Heartbreak Of Puppy Theft

Heartbreak Of Puppy Theft

A family is devastated by the theft of their young puppy in Arley Kings in Worcestershire.

The heartless thief took 7 month old Bobby, a West Highland White Terrier x Shih Tzu from the garden of the family home near Stourport On Severn on Tuesday the 29th of May.
Single parent Kim Jones told me of the impact losing Bobby has had on his children Dominic (11) and Cerys aged 12. “They are heartbroken “he said “when my wife and I spilt up last year I made a promise to Cerys to give her a dog of her own, we have two other dogs Oscar is my Labrador and Dominic has Ted, a Springer Spaniel but Cerys was so upset when her Mother left she wanted a companion of her own, Bobby was her world”.

Kim and his children had travelled to Shropshire to buy Bobby and right from the start he had become Cery’s shadow, dogs are far more than just a pet they can ease stress and become a close friend who will listen and demand nothing in return, for Cerys, Bobby was there for her even when others were not.

As soon as Bobby’s theft had been realised the family took to the streets looking for him, not wanting to believe that he had been stolen. Kim told me “he wouldn’t have strayed, his best dog friend was Oscar and he was never far from him”. Kim, Dominic and Cerys posted leaflets all over the area, the first day Cerys walked over miles in an attempt to find Bobby and bring him home.
On June the 14th there was a reported sighting of Bobby in York Street, Stourport On Severn. A couple of men in a Red KIA Sorrento with ProDrive signage on the rear were seen to be calling to a dog, off lead in the street. The witness called out to the men who had caught the dog and asked them what they were going to do with the dog. They replied they were taking him to the pound. No dog was listed at the pound or with the Dog Warden that day.

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A Facebook page ‘Get Bobby Home’ has been created by friends and family to keep Bobby’s disappearance at the forefront of the public’s mind. Cynthia Jones, Cery’s Grandmother told me “Cerys is trying to be so grown up and mature about losing Bobby, but she is just a little girl who wants and needs her dog back, please if you know anything about Bobby, whatever the news, let us know”

You can contact Kim Jones on 07598 222976 or 01299 827904. Kim told me, “when he first went missing I had text messages saying that he had been dognapped and asking for a ransom but we know those were just people trying to cash in on our distress, we have offered a substantial reward for any information that can bring Bobby back to us, Cerys is lost without him and cannot understand why anyone would do such a thing”

Bobby is a small male white dog, he had been clipped two weeks ago but by now his coat will be around an inch in length, although his coat originally was straight it is possible that the regrowth will be curly. He is Microchipped and can be identified, he not neutered.

West Mercia Police have been made aware of the theft and have responded to demands that action should be taken, they are now in consultation with the family. Mark Garnier MP has been approached and it is hoped he will be able to offer help and support for the on going investigation and search. There is massive local support for the family who have vowed not to give up searching for Bobby.

Reporter. Geraldine Cove-Print


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