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Dogs Die After Being Left In German Judge's Car In Sweltering Heat.

Dogs Die After Being Left In German Judge's Car In Sweltering Heat.

The Skye Terrier community worldwide have been shocked by the news that two Skye’s have died, and a third fighting for life, after being left in a hot car.
It is alleged that approved FCI judge,Dr Wilfred Peper (Peppermint) , left the dogs in his car whilst attending an AGM of the Pinscher Schnauzer Club in Alsfeld , Germany.
It is understood that a vet who happened to be on site took care of the dogs that were still alive.

Born in Dortmund, Germany Dr Wilfred Peper is a successful breeder of West Highland Terriers with over 30 homebred champions. He is the author of several terrier books, an approved FCI judge & has judged in more than 18 countries worldwide, including, Europe, Australia & America.The club has completely distanced itself from the behaviour of the Judge. A statement from Club Chairman of the PSC Klaus Leutermann indicates that Dr Peper , a breeding judge of the German Kennel Club, was there to evaluate the dogs at the meeting. Dr Peper has now been suspended by the club with immediate effect and so will not be able to participate in Club events.

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The VDH (German Kennel Club) has announced on its website that The “Judge” has been provisionally suspended and should not be used as a judge until further notice. “Der Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH) e.V. informiert, dass Dr. Wilfried Peper als internationaler und nationaler VDH-Richter vorläufig suspendiert wurde. Bis auf weiteres darf Dr. Wilfried Peper nicht als Zuchtrichter eingesetzt werden.”
Translation: The Association for the German canine dog (VDH) e.V. Wilfried Peper was provisionally suspended as an international and national VDH judge. Until further notice Dr. Wilfried Peper should not be used as a breeding judge.

The Pinscher Schnauzer Club has announced that there will be legal action taken with regard to this matter.
A criminal complaint has been raised for violation of the Animal Protection Act. Such complaints can result in a possible prison sentence of up to 3 years.


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