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Sweden Blocks Registration Of Offspring Of Bracycephalic Breeds Following Intervention Surgery

Sweden Blocks Registration Of Offspring Of Bracycephalic Breeds Following Intervention Surgery

From today,10.04.18, the Swedish KC (SKK) will no longer register puppies born of a brachycephalic dog that has had airway surgery.

From now on, Swedish vets will report procedures direct to the SKK and the dog's record on the publicly available SKK database will be amended. Vets are also being asked to report brachy deaths.

This follows extensive activity by the SKK and the Veterinary community over the past two years.
Ths taken from the SKK website today:
Reporting of operations / deaths brakycephalous dogs
From 2018-04-10, registration of surgical measures and deaths will be introduced due to respiratory problems caused by brakycephal design.

Breeding of dogs with disability or disability is not permitted under Swedish animal welfare legislation and the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) rules. Thus breeding is not allowed on dogs as a result of clinical problems caused by brakycephal design need to undergo respiratory surgery.
In order to try to influence that not to happen, registration of respiratory tract infections and death / killing as a result of problems caused by brakycephal design is now introduced. By reporting these interventions to SKK, a dog breeding dog is added, which prevents the registration of any puppies after the dog in SKK. The breeding barrier is also visible to everyone via SKK Breeding data.

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The form
The form "Reporting surgical intervention on dog of brakycephal type" can be downloaded below.

The dog's identity is filled in, and what action is taken or if the dog is killed or deceased as a result of respiratory and / or temperature control. Under comments, information should be provided that may be of value, for example, regarding the dog's symptoms. The owner agrees to report and publish at SKK through his signature. In order to avoid the owner refusing to give his consent and instead going to another clinic, it is important that everyone collaborates around this service.

The form can be filled in on the computer and can be scanned and emailed by mail, alternatively sent by mail to any of the addresses indicated on the form or below.

Note that there are only surgical procedures and respiratory and temperature control diagnoses to be reported initially.

In addition to dogs registered in SKK, there may also be reports of unregistered brakycephala dogs / mixed breed dogs.


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