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Storm Eleanor Raises Warning To Dog Owners

Storm Eleanor Raises Warning To Dog Owners

Dog walkers are being advised to keep their dogs on leads after Storm Eleanor causes sealife to be washed up on beaches, particularly on the East Coast.
One dog has already died after eating dead sea life, including toxic star fish on a walk along the beach at Cley next the Sea. Hattie , a Golden Retriever became unwell quickly after scavenging at the tide line. Very sadly Hattie died on her way to the Vet, owner Mike Hamilton was shocked and distressed at how quickly his dog had become critically ill.

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Thousands of star fish were washed up at Gibralter Point on the Lincolnshire Coast. Marine experts have said that some of the creatures may have been washed by the Atlantic Drift from tropical waters like the Caribbean into the much colder seas off Britain following hurricanes.

If you are walking your dog on the beaches please keep them under control , dogs are naturally attracted to the smell of decay . if you suspect your dog has eaten flotsam from the water's edge and is unusually lethargic or is vomiting please seek professional help straight away.


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