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Crooked Dogs Home Boss In Fraud Trial

Crooked Dogs Home Boss In Fraud Trial

The former chief executive of Birmingham Dogs Home and his wife plundered almost £900,000 from the charity - with claims they spent £75,000 on their luxury wedding.

Suspicions were allegedly raised after Mr Price organised a lavish wedding to co-worker Alayna Warner, the charity’s Commercial Manager and Head of Fundraising.

Greedy Simon and Alayna Price carried out the huge fraud over four years and even stole the proceeds of the sale of a £400,000 bungalow, which had been bequeathed to BDH.

The couple have now split up.
Chief executive Price, 53, of Somerton Drive, Marston Green, pleaded guilty to 10 charges of fraud, amounting to £640,000.

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His former wife, 39, of the same address, had admitted five fraud charges, amounting to £250,000.

The offences were carried out over a period of more than four years and also involved receiving £399,350 from the sale of a house in Bartholomew Street.

The biggest legacy payment plundered was £60,000.

Trustees are believed to have confronted him last September about the missing cash, much of it left by dog lovers in their wills.


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